Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Post #8

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This Is How We Dream

In Dr. Richard E. Miller's lecture, This Is How We Dream, he discusses how writing has changed with technology. First, he points out that pencil and paper are not the most popular materials used for writing anymore. Instead, people use word processing programs on computers. This opens the door to research being done on the internet instead of in a library. Next, he talks about how collaboration through technology is now possible and about composing documents through videos. Other resources for composing documents include iTunes U and educational productions. Not only have the ways we write and compose changed, but also where and how documents are published, that is, through the internet. This allows information to be pushed to many more people than through print alone. Finally, he talks about composing with the web itself.

I find Dr. Miller's thoughts very interesting to think about. It is hard for someone like myself, who has grown up with traditional writing styles, to imagine composing a paper for school without text. It is such a foreign concept to me in fact, that I had to watch the lecture a second time to make sure I was understanding it correctly. However, just because it is a new concept does not make it wrong by any means! In fact, I think this method of composing can make students think deeper into topics. Not only do they have to research and discover what the topic is, they also have to string together different forms of media to make a valid point. This means they have to choose which pieces of media to use very wisely. Therefore, I think this style of composing is genius.

I think I am definitely prepared to write with multimedia. I understand the concept and purpose of it, and I think with a little practice I could write in this new way. Furthermore, I think my students will also be able to do this (probably with even more ease than I ever could!). Children adapt to new technology pretty easily. I can see this being successful in elementary school beginning in about third grade. These students are just beginning to write longer pieces, and they don't know any different than writing with multimedia. It would probably come across as second nature to them! It is exciting to think about the possibilities for the future of education!

Carly Pugh's Post

After reading Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12, I am truly inspired. In her post, Carly described an assignment which she believed should have been assigned in EDM 310. The assignment is to make a playlist on Youtube that illustrates the student's teaching philosophy. She created a list of ten categories of videos, at least five of which would have to be represented on the playlist. Finally, the student would describe how the videos describe their teaching philosophy as well as what the student could use the videos for and how they relate to what they learned in EDM 310. As the last part of the post, she gave an example of what the completed post should look like.

I can definitely see how close Carly came to composing like Dr. Miller talked about. She not only used words to write her posts, but she also left plenty of content to be explained by videos throughout. She did not write about the videos and include the link. She simply let the videos speak for themselves. I thought this made the post interesting because I was not only reading her thoughts, but also watching them. This goes back to the point I made earlier about this type of composing making students think harder. Not only did Carly come up with her own teaching philosophy, but she also searched for and applied videos to illustrate her thoughts. She had to evaluate many videos then decide which ones fit the situation best.

EDM for Dummies & The Chipper Series

EDM for Dummies is a commercial that students in EDM310 created, advertising a book called EDM for Dummies. The book contains helpful instructions on how to work the different websites used in EDM310 including Twitter, Google Docs, and Delicious. The Chipper Series is about a lazy student in EDM310 who always wants to get out of assignments, and do things the easy way out. This continues throughout her life as she tries to establish a career. She finally figures out that she will have to put effort into life, and returns to school.

I think the main message of these two videos is that quality work in EDM310 does not come with ease. The more you put into assignments, the better your grade will be. I think the message extends beyond EDM310 as well, especially in "The Chipper Series." If you only give half of the effort you are capable of in your career and other areas of life, you will also get results that are only half as good as what they could be. Basically, most things good in life don't come easy. You can try to do things the easy way, but it probably won't work out, and you will end up back where you started, just like Chipper.

An idea for a video that I came up with is showing the positive outcomes of working hard in EDM310, and how assignments seem less confusing as the course goes on. I could show a teacher who is completely technologically illiterate and how frustrating this is for the teacher. The teacher could say, "If only I had worked harder in EDM310 and not taken the easy way out!" I could then show the teacher dreaming what life as a teacher would be like with the skills that she should have learned in EDM310.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
discusses the importance of technology in education. The speakers point out that kids live in a very enriching environment with all of the technology they encounter. Yet, most of this enriching technology that kids can learn from is banned in schools. Using more technology in schools could create a community system rather than the current classroom system. Jobs that students today will have one day will entail more than just cut and dry, right and wrong answers. Jobs will require critical thinking beyond what standardized tests can capture. Students need to know how to find, validate, and use information properly.

I think this video makes some great points. The world as we know it is changing very rapidly, and that means that education should also. Why should we ignore all of the technology out there when students need to know how to use it effectively, and they are excited to learn this way? To me, it makes sense to teach in the most engaging manner, and technology is just that. No matter how much schools try to fight it, technology is here, expanding rapidly, and not going away anytime soon. In short, I think we as teachers need to embrace technology and the endless potential it presents to the educational world.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

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Animoto is a powerful video tool. As an educator, I can use this tool to make exciting lessons. Making videos for use in the classroom is made easy through three simple steps: choose pictures, choose music, and share your video. That's right, no complicated steps in between! Animoto makes your photos and music into a professional looking video. This is done through cinematic technology much like a director and editor would put together a major film. You can also add text to explain important concepts, as well as choose pictures to be featured for a longer time than others. Your video can be customized even more by choosing from one of the many themes offered. I know, I know, you are probably thinking that a program as great as this must be expensive to use, but think again! Educators can apply for a free account for use in the classroom! I know that I will definitely be taking advantage of this website when I begin teaching!

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  1. Kaitlyn I think you wrote a great post. I think you went into detail about every video and explained them well. I will have to agree with you on the fact that what Mr. Miller is trying to get us to see is that technology is changing. As future educator we have to be willing to learn how to use the new technology. I do the whole assignment correctly and I really enjoyed your post.

  2. Kaitlyn,

    You have written a very detailed post. It is amazing how much technology has changed things. We no longer need to force students to memorize facts in order to make an A. Instead we need to teach them social and critical thinking skills so that they may be successful after high school. I liked your comic! Keep up the good work.