Thursday, October 11, 2012

September C4K

apple with school supplies

The first post that I commented on is by Anthony Capps about his third grade class in Gulf Shores. It is about an activity that the class completed with their math teacher, Mrs. Cutter. The class was studying data, so they were paired with a partner to create a poll about where their classmates like to eat. Each pair created a chart to display the data they collected, and a picture of each of these is included in the post. Some of the questions polled include eating outside versus inside, eating at a restaurant versus at home, and fast food versus "sit-down" food.

I began my comment to the class by introducing myself and providing the links to both the class blog as well as my own blog. I went on to tell the class that the questions they came up with are great, and how I would like to answer each of them myself. Finally, I wrote an answer for each pair's question.

The next post I commented on is also by Anthony Capps about his third grade class. However, this time the post was about a Language Arts "Write to Read" activity. The students were to answer a question asked in a previous post about their reading assignment. Anthony began with a disclaimer paragraph for the parents. He said that most of the students did not have time to finish their post due to time, but he still wanted to post them for progress tracking purposes later in the year. He went on to suggest that parents find one area of improvement to discuss with their child. The rest of the post is the students' answers to the question.

I began my comment by introducing myself once again since it had been a couple of weeks since my first comment. I then told the class that I enjoyed reading their work, and they did a great job describing the character's feelings about the situation from the story. I let them know that their posts were great, especially for the very first post of the year. Finally, I told them that I am looking forward to reading more of their posts.

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