Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4K October

The Outsiders book

The first C4K I did for October was for Larissa, a freshman at Peace Wapiti Academy (although my comment still says "awaiting moderation"). In her post she talks about why being a student at PWA is great. She mentions the education, infrastructure, and environment of the school, and how all of this is beneficial to her. For my comment, I first introduced myself and told her that PWA sounds like a great school. I told her that it is great that teachers are teaching material thoroughly, and that she is comfortable with the environment. All of these factors play a role in the quality of education she receives. I ended my comment by wishing her the best for her freshman year.

The next post I read was by Scott, a tenth grader who is blogging for his world history course. His post is about success. He talks about how the level of success one achieves depends on the level of work ethic. He uses Michael Jordan's success story to describe his own progress when it comes to presentations in his world history class. His first presentation did not go as well as he hoped because he did not put forth full effort. His goal for his next presentation is to push himself to do the best he can. For my comment, I began by introducing myself. I then told him how much I enjoyed his post, and that I completely agree with him. People don't succeed in life by sitting back and waiting for things to happen. You have to chase your dreams no matter how much work it takes.

The third comment I left was for Courtney, a seventh grader from Surrey, B.C. Her post is about what a true hero is to her. She talks about how a hero does not have to have a silly costume or name. Rather, a hero is someone she can trust and depend on. She mentions that the heroes in her life are her parents and her teacher. For my comment, I once again began by introducing myself. I then told her how I think it is great that she recognizes the characteristics of a true hero, and not just superheroes from movies and whatnot. I told her that the members of my family are also some of my heroes as well, and that it is great that her family is so supportive of her. She even wrote back to me thanking me for my comment. She wrote that it means a lot to her.

Finally, I left a comment for John, who is blogging for his seventh grade English class. His post is a characterization of Cherry from The Outsiders. He talks about how she has friends in both gangs of the story, so this causes her views of things to change throughout the story. He also talks about a quote she says, a significant action in the story from her, and the other characters' views of her. I began my comment by introducing myself as always. Next, I told him that I remember reading The Outsiders when I was his age. I had noticed on another post I read that this is his favorite book, so I asked him why it is his favorite. Finally I told him that I could get a sense of who Cherry is from is characterization, and that he did a great job.

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