Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4T #3

children holding a gifted sign

The first post I read and commented on, The 21st Century Gifted Educator, is by Elvira Deyamport. The post is a video of a lecture given at a conference by she and her husband about creating a personal learning network. They focus on using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Using a PLN is useful because teachers can collaborate with other teachers to share their ideas and learn new strategies. For my comment, I began by introducing myself as well as leaving links to my blog and the class blog. I told her about how this lecture was the first time I had heard of LinkedIn, and how I would like to learn more about it. I then told her about how I am working on building my own PLN in this class. Finally, I thanked her for all of the useful information.

The second post I read and commented on was Celebrating Global Connections during the #IWG12. This post is also by Elvira Deyamport. It is about the importance of incorporating technology into the classroom. She talks about how important it is for students to make connections with people around the world using technology, and how necessary this is in today's world. She also included a video of her students throuhout the school year connecting with students around the world via Skype. My comment has not yet been approved to show up on her blog, but I began by agreeing with her that it is very important for students to make connections with people from around the world using technology. I went on to tell her that I enjoyed watching the video of her students learning through Skype throughout the year. The children looked like they were having a great time as well as learning. Finally, I thanked her for all of the great ideas that I found on her blog.

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